Welcome to Maripol!

Founded in1996, by craftsmen with decades of experience, Maripol offers handmade products, individual tailored orders and afterservice.

Products and services


«Maripol» offers a large quantity of various caps and hats. In our assortment of a caps from fur, a leather and other materials, a caps with ear-flaps, classic caps and decorative hats. Each item is carefully created by our masters and, as a matter of fact, is exclusive.

Leather and fur

«Maripol» presents a wide range of fur and leather products. For you – fur coats, short fur coats, different jackets and vests. Individual orders and tailored service is available.


Our accessories enhance your individual style.

Individual customised products

Our designers will work closely with you, to create the product of your dreams, whether for a wedding or special occasion.

Repair and restoration

We can also give new life and modernity to outdated furs that are brought to us.