Maripol introduces ethnic hats collection

We would like to inform all our customers that MARIPOL makes also Latvian ethnic hats – primarily for folk dance and music ensembles in Latvia. Maripol company is known for its meticulous approach to tradition in the manufacture of clothing and headgear. In particular, our services have resorted folk groups, student corporations, and individuals in…

Summer: a time to create a new style!

Warm fur coats and vests are waiting for new winter in wardrobes. As frost and slush are replaced with sun, it’s time for light shawls,  capes and summer hats. Our handmade linen headwear and bags are ideal for the hot summer. Come and see our wonderful summer offering!

Fur vests

A recent fashion trend, fur vests, are now a very popular addition to wardrobes around the world. New trends are the range of colours and lenghts. Come and view Maripol’s quality selection!

Our collection

The latest collection of Maripol includes fur, caps, hats and accessories. Check our winter and summer range for both men and women!

Welcome to Maripol!

Founded in1996, by craftsmen with decades of experience, Maripol offers handmade products, individual tailored orders and afterservice. Products and services Hats «Maripol» offers a large quantity of various caps and hats. In our assortment of a caps from fur, a leather and other materials, a caps with ear-flaps, classic caps and decorative hats. Each item…