A short history of fur

Textile, sewing and knitting industry in the 21st century has reached, probably the peak of its development. However, this does not diminish the dignity of fur for clothing material. Fur – this is a very qualitative, reliable and beautiful material, it possesses heat-shielding qualities and is durable.
Another advantage of fur – they never go out of fashion.

Fur appeared in the distant ancient times, when the people who lived in the harsh cold climate, made their own clothes from the skins of dead animals. That is, the occurrence of fur clothing due to the human need to protect themselves against adverse conditions. Indeed, remember your feelings when you wear a fur coat! You sense of security and peace of mind. The demand for fur clothes – a call of ancestors sounding deeply in our genes.

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Of course, with the development of society in clothes made of fur, there were other functions. And in the first place – is the aesthetic function. Fur products have turned not only protection from the weather, but also in the decoration, both for women and for men.